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Arctic Combat
Arctic Combat is a Free-to-play Online Tactical FPS Game with realistic
warzone effects and battles based on strategic team/clan gameplay. Arctic Combat is a complete military experience that uses
tactical perks, weapons, and equipment to bring the reality of war to your screen.
Global Server Time
15:25:56 Tue Mar 25 OPEN


[Event] Carnaval Festival for South America Server


Attention to all AC Veterans!
This is the AC Commander!

It's that time of the year to enjoy the carnaval season!
To celebrate the carnavals and open of the South America Server at the AC Headquarters,
we have prepared events for the South American Veterans!

- Event period : February 13, 17:00 ~ February 27, 15:00, 2013 (GST)

- How to participate
1) Post a message about Arctic Combat and open in South America on other FPS game communities in South America
2) Take a screenshot of the post you made and post it on the AC screenshot forum 

>> Click to post your screenshot!

3) Post must have a title starting with [Carnaval Festival] Screenshot on 'Site name' by 'user's character name'

- Reward : 100 W Coins(c ) for one post (maximum 5 posts per account)

Happy Carnaval & Enjoy the new South America Server !!

Over and Out!!
The Arctic Combat Headquarters

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