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Arctic Combat
Arctic Combat is a Free-to-play Online Tactical FPS Game with realistic warzone effects and battles based on team/clan
strategic gameplay Involving tactical perks, weapons, and equipment.
Global Server Time
15:25:56 Tue Mar 25 OPEN

Skill – Passive

Overcome crisis

Skills_passive_Overcome Crisis

Regenerates HP gradually when your HP is under 50%.

Plant/Defuse Kit

Skills_passive_PlantDefuse Kit

Reduces the time needed to plant/defuse bombs on Search & Destroy missions. Plant (-2 sec) / Defuse (-2 sec).

Detect Bomb

Skills_passive_Detect Bomb

Detects planted bombs and displays their locations.

Enhance Health Pack (NEW)

Skills_passive_Enhance Health Pack

Increases the amount of HP recovered from health packs.

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