Dear AC Veterans,

To express our deepest gratitude to all AC fans, Webzen / gPotato is offering the following compensation to all active AC Veterans.
Those who have purchased a certain amount of cash items in the past will be qualified for the W Coin/gP compensation and
all AC Veterans can receive a special ‘AC Veteran Packs’ for the choice of one game within the Webzen / gPotato portal.

Please choose between 3 Gaming Portals including,, and to start on a new adventure.
Once your choice is made, you can register to receive the amount of compensation at there based on the currency value of the chosen Portal.
Be sure to check how much you will be receiving in compensation before registration!
Additionally, apply for the exclusive AC Veteran Pack for the game of your choice.

Thank you.
The AC Support Team

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AC Veterans Packt

Choose a game to the receive the exclusive ‘AC Veterans Pack’.
All AC Veterans will be able to choose and receive one pack for the game of their choice.