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Arctic Combat
Arctic Combat is a Free-to-play Online Tactical FPS Game with realistic
warzone effects and battles based on strategic team/clan gameplay. Arctic Combat is a complete military experience that uses
tactical perks, weapons, and equipment to bring the reality of war to your screen.
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15:25:56 Tue Mar 25 OPEN


[Tournament] Winter Cup 2013 - ESL


Attention to all AC Veterans!    
This is the AC Commander!    
The Arctic Combat Headquarters recommends all Europe Veterans to sign up the 'Winter Cup 2013'!    
Snow, cold and freezing temperatures!    
Do not despair, we'll take care of you with a pure adrenaline rush with the upcoming Winter Cup 2013!    
Prepare your teams and challenge the rest of the world!    
It's going to be an hard competition, get ready and take your fee for the Play-Off during the 8 Qualification Cups.    
 * Winter Cup 2013    
The Winter Cup 2013 will be composed of 8 Qualification Cups and    
the first 2 Teams will gain the access to the Play Offs,    
that will name the Final Winner of this Seasonal Cup.    
Let's see the general room settings:    
 - Mode : 5v5 Search and Destroy    
 - Settings: BO1 and Confirmed Maps    
 - START: 19:00 CET (Qualifier Cup)    
 - No-Show: 15 minutes    
 - C4 Possession: Single    
 - Rounds to win: 10    
 - Maps: Silo, New York, Downtown, Artic Wind    
 - Submode: N/A    
 - Round Time: 2:00 Minutes    
 - Items:See complete ruleset    
 * Schedule & More Information     
 * Prizes    
 1st : 5 ESL Premium Account x3 Months    
 2nd : 5 ESL Premium Account x2 Months    
 3rd : 5 ESL Premium Account x1 Month    
In addition, at the Winner of Winter Cup Play Off 2013, will be assigned the Winter Award on Team info page.    
Show your Veterans Skills !!    
Over and Out!!    
The Arctic Combat Headquarters    

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