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Arctic Combat
Arctic Combat is a Free-to-play Online Tactical FPS Game with realistic
warzone effects and battles based on strategic team/clan gameplay. Arctic Combat is a complete military experience that uses
tactical perks, weapons, and equipment to bring the reality of war to your screen.
Global Server Time
15:25:56 Tue Mar 25 OPEN


[Event] Play Over 2,013 Minutes and Receive a Gold Edition Weapon!


Happy New Year AC Veterans!
This is the AC Commander!


Join the battlegrounds and receive a Gold Edition Weapon!


* Event Period
Jan. 2, 17:00 ~ Jan. 16, 15:00 (GST/PST) / Jan. 3, 03:00 ~ Jan 17, 00:00 (GMT+1)

* How to receive a Gold Edition Weapon?
During the event, play AC for over 1,000 minutes and receive a Gold Weapon Coupon (7 days).
Play over 2,013 and receive a Gold Weapon Coupon (Permanent).

* Reward Date :
Jan. 24, 2013

* Note

- The event schedule may be subject to change.
- Play time only includes time inside the game and not in the lobby.


Over and Out!
The AC Headquarters

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