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Arctic Combat
Arctic Combat is a Free-to-play Online Tactical FPS Game with realistic<br>warzone effects and battles based on strategic team/clan gameplay. Arctic Combat is a complete military experience that uses<br>tactical perks, weapons, and equipment to bring the reality of war to your screen.
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15:25:56 Tue Mar 25 OPEN


[Event] Country Ranking Event


Attention to all AC Veterans!
This is the AC Commander!

The Arctic Combat Country Ranking system has finally been opened!
Lead your country and troops to victory in World War III.

* What is the country ranking system?
This ranking system shows the combat, economic, and clan power for each country.
For each country, combat is the kill number, economic is the earned game points, and clan is the clan activity points.

* Event 1. Defend your country!

The climax of World War III starts Dec. 12 GST for two weeks. Lead your country to victory and be rewarded with supplies!

* Event Period: Dec 12, 17:00 ~ Dec. 26, 15:00 GST (until scheduled maintenance)

* Rewards
Rank First - All Veterans in the top 1 country receive 50% Exp. increase (30 days)
Rank Second - All Veterans in the top 2 country receive 50% Exp. increase (7 days)
Rank Third - All Veterans in the top 3 country receive 50% Exp. increase (1 day)
Unranked - 100 W-coins(C) to 10,000 Veterans

* Winner Announcement
- Ranking on Dec. 27 15:00 (GST)
- Reward date: Jan. 2, 2012 (GST)

* How to join the event?

Veterans are included in the country according to their IP address.
- To increase combat power : Kill as many enemies as you can!
- To increase economic power : Earn as much game points as you can!
- To increase clan power : Earn as much exp. points through clan matches!

* Note
- Country Ranking is updated every week after the scheduled maintenance.
- The event period may subject to change.

* Event 2. Show your Flag and win prizes!!

Veterans who use the flag coupon and equip their country flag can win various prizes!

* Event Period: Dec 12, 17:00 ~ Dec. 26, 15:00

* Winner Announcement
- Dec. 27, 17:00 (GST)
- Reward date: Jan 2, 2012 (GST)
- Rewards will be given in the mailbox

* Reward
1ea. - Alienware Laptop
2ea. - Ipad Mini 16G
3ea. - Razer Keyboard
4ea. - Razer Mouse
5ea. - Razer HeadSet

* How can I receive the rewards?
1. Equip your character with the flag item. (The flag coupon can be purchased in the Item Shop)
2. Join the battlegrounds with the flag equipped.

* Note
- The longer you equip the flag, the higher chance you get to win the prizes.
- If your country flag is not currently available choose any flag you prefer.

  (More flags will be updated soon)
- The event schedule may subject to change.

Over and Out!!
The Arctic Combat Headquarters

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