Dear Arctic Combat Veterans,

As of September 2, 2013 GST, we regret to inform you that the battlegrounds of AC will no longer be available to join.

Last December of 2012, was thrilled to release its first FPS game, Arctic Combat (AC),
to Veterans in Europe and North/South America.
Since official launch, we have been working hard to build a strong community
and gaming environment through new content updates and various events.
Unfortunately, we have come to a difficult decision to close the battlefields many of us have fought on.

We understand that this has disappointed many of our fellow Veterans.We hope that the game represented
some of your greatest gaming memories. You have made new friends, created unbeatable clans, fought epic clan wars,
and experienced unforgettable victories. We, too, have loved working on this game, and learned a lot throughout the service period.

Although a ceasefire will be called on the battlegrounds of AC, other adventures await the AC Veterans.
Below you will be able to find many exciting games that are serviced by,,
We hope to see you all in these new adventures where we will be able to provide better service.

Once again we thank you for the experience and enjoyment shared through AC and wish the best for all.

Thank you.
The AC Support Team

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